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Mrs. Olga owns a small construction company. Small jobs, mainly refurbishment. She subcontracts self-employed workers and she is left with minimal resources to grow her business and to pay herself.
How long was she trying to change this? … 21 years!!!!
How long did it take once she worked with us? … 220 hours
It is possible and achievable. Why wait any longer?And the result?
Her business took off incredibly, Mrs. Olga has a new car, she has enough time for herself, to relax and spend it with her family.

Oľga T. – many worries, little money


An entrepreneur, who was turning around about 4.000 EUR monthly. But as soon as he earned some money, he spent them and in his own words “flushed them down the toilet”… He was working alone, because he couldn’t afford any employees. He wanted to expand and grow, but because of this status quo, it wasn’t possible. Then he found us – experts in crisis management and cash flow…

How long was he trying alone? ….. 9 years!!!!!!!!!!
How long did it take with our help? …. 120 hours

Your visions can change completely.

The result?
Turnover around 10.500 EUR monthly, he has enough capital for further growth, has new employees, new machines and he is opening new branches abroad. He works with a 5 year vision, something he couldn’t even imagine a short while ago. And he is no longer alone :).

Jozef K. – overworked and alone


Three years ago, he was a man who earned around 300 EUR. He was angry at the world, didn’t have a place to live and despite trying to save, he gradually had less and less money. He understood that he needs help and he contacted us.

How long was he trying to solve it alone? …… 20 years!!!!!!!!!
How long did it take with us? ….. 90 hours

The first step towards success is admitting that you need help.

The result?
Today, he is an entrepreneur, an expert within his area, with his own company, a big flat – cca 120 m2, 3 cars and his monthly income is on average (last 4 months) around 3.600 EUR.

Peter M. – angry and frustrated


Good morning Rasto, I don’t even know how to express my gratitude for how you helped me let light again into my life. I finally feel like a Person with a capital P, who can do anything I want. Back in february I was lying in a hospital bed with needles in my veins. Tears and sadness were my daily visitors. I was in a vicious circle, afraid to get out of it. Living in darkness, fear, self-pity and doubt. How distant does it seem today! You managed to open my eyes within one session and step by step you let the sunshine back into my life. In a month, you changed my life into a walk in a park. And for this awesome feeling I am very grateful.

Martina O. from Skalica, entrepreneur


Hi Rasto, I am very happy that I met you, because my life, where I didn’t know where to go, started heading in the right direction mainly because of you, your methods and recommendations. Simply put, only you managed to define and find the thoughts and possibilities that we all have within us. Even more important to me is the fact, that each our consultation moved me further ahead and higher. Discovering myself and setting my own priorities, goals and visions is the most important thing for every human and you Rasto, are an expert in that.
I will happily recommend you to everyone around me who needs help.
Many thanks!

Rosťa T. Czech Republic, salesman


Summer 2012. I am no one. Like the majority of people, blaming everything and everyone. I am not successful, because of the government, credit crunch. I don’t have much, my salary is rubbish.

2012 after summer. Leaving the session feeling uplifted, fear can burden your mind a lot, you wouldn’t believe. First changes arrive. I can feel my heart beating and coming to life. First three months, I ran a test. First three months, I felt success, I felt peace, later love and happiness, which are very good vibrations. Then a darker period came. I ran a trial, wanted to know whether it was all just a coincidence, but it wasn’t. Things ceased to work out and my life returned back to where it was before. I realized, that it was working, therefore I returned, realizing that it works and whatever is in your heart governs your life.

Summer 2013 my finances are good, health is good, I am a balanced person and happy. As time goes by, I started feeling peace in my heart. I am getting great clients and am pushing forward, financially too by great strides. I am developing at a great rate and I know now that money is not about crisis, but about myself. Every morning, when I wake up and look into the mirror, I see someone I call God, God of my own life, it’s a very good, successful and rich man. He has a great heart. This year was very good for my improvement, health and finances. I am growing mentally too.

Before my sessions with Rasto I was no one, blaming everyone for my lack of success and I was afraid…

After my sessions with Rasto – 2 years, I am someone, I don’t care about the others, I am successful and rich, fearless, because dreams are here to be fulfilled, and I feel this with my heart.

Finishing thoughts – all you have in life is time. It’s up to you how you use it.

I am grateful to Rasto Kmet and if you want to change something, he is the right man, who can make that change happen in a short time.

Marek J. Turčianske Teplice, company owner


You and Magda are 2 great people, who pushed me to a new level. I know that I still need to understand many things and more importantly put them into use, but you put a light at the end of the tunnel for me.. I can’t say anything else but:

Ida M. Spišská nová Ves, company owner


Unique, awesome and true. I wish this to everyone from my heart. Your life will change during a few moments. THANK YOU, big THANK YOU.

Elena K. Poprad, company owner and shareholder


Rasto, you gave me something I haven’t experienced up to now.. I have love and live love. I have a balanced relationship and you made it happen. I am your walking advertisement. Thank you.

Mária S. Zvolen, headmistress at school


Hi Rasto. I wish you a pleasant evening. I am relaxing and thinking about how to thank you, for what you did for me this year.

I am looking for the nicest words of gratitude to write to you. I was a woman full of fear and pain, without self confidence, unable to feel joy in my life. You opened my eyes but most importantly my heart. You taught me that everything is possible, if you really want it, and mainly that with love we can achieve miracles. I like you and send a big Thank youuuuuuu

Eva B. Skalica, company owner


I am very well and praise you everywhere :). I gave out one business card already :). We’ll schedule another session soon.

Nataly M. Czech Republic, TOP manager


I thank you for getting my daughter back, she is perfect now, because of you.

Jana from Svit, entrepreneur

How will it work?

The secret to success is hard work and collaboration. We know what to do to get you where you dream to be.

But it’s a result of your effort, under our mentorship.

Notice the disconnect between the time you spent worrying about things and the short amount of time needed to fix it.

We save your time, which is priceless and you can’t buy it.

If you haven’t resolved your problems until today, what are the chances that you will resolve it in the future?Maybe there is a low percentage, but you will waste years and years of your precious time.

Precisely because of that you should try to find someone, who will aid you with this, regardless of how big the problem seems.

Don’t wait until the end of your life to maybe turn things around…

Together we can resolve what burdens you…

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