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New knowledge healed my soul, let me heal yours…


…my journey wasn’t easy, but it had it’s purpose and taught me a lot. I spent many years looking for something that was within me. Knowing your self and your soul can heal illnesses and overcome bad habits. Today, it is possible to live a better life…

My past is no secret, but an obstacle I overcome…

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A confession

I always spent a lot of time thinking about how to be happy, satisfied and achieve my goals, find “the real thing”. I was searching for it in an environment that often labelled me as a black sheep. It was this environment and surroundings, that gave me a feeling of not belonging, standing out, being different – not good enough, “sick”, difficult etc.

Taking into account that I am a man and had tough upbringing, I developed a strong, even extreme ego and I was very bad, tough, touchy and vain. I had to learn to manage this personality, which was connected with a lot of pain, suffering, sadness, illnesses, losses, separation and disappointments.

I was always active and involved in sports, challenging myself and had a competitive attitude, whether in sports /football, ice-hockey, martial arts/ or at work /from sales representatives to executive managers/. I was always amongst the best when it came to achieving goals and results, but despite all of this, I wasn’t happy.

I attended hundreds of courses, coaching, trainings, individual sessions addressing my happiness and contentment. I also raised my education through an MBA and … nothing again. How is this possible? Why? I always asked myself. After all, I have everything that a person can ask for – business, health, women, money…

These were my priorities in 2000:

  1. Money
  2. Career
  3. Physical love

First breakthrough came in year 2000, where I lost everything twice in the same year – I lost my job, relationship, all my money, friends and lived under a bridge – homeless.

In year 2007 another key moment of my life happened, where I lost more than 2.5 million EUR.

And in year 2011, probably the most physically challenging moment of my life occurred, where I was contemplating the meaning of my life and it’s uselessness.

Are you asking yourself, why to choose me? Exactly because I am me…

A man, who made peace with his past, who has great visions, speaks the truth, has clear intentions, knows how to listen, for whom it is important to live HIS life, and least but not last, knows how to give professional advice and motivate, as he’s been through a lot of extremes himself.


What are my priorities today?

  1. Peace, joy, harmony, health, family, love and they are all equally important to me.

I want and I live a life full of joy, love, honesty, balance and harmony. I love my life, I love my wife Monika, my friends, clients, nature and people.

I know what I feel, and I know how I achieved it. You too have the opportunity to feel these amazing feelings like love, peace, satisfaction and unbound happiness. It is down to each one of us, whether we choose this path. The choice is yours.

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